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traEbental#S 14 3 und eine 1/2 Buche
Lower Austria (198m) by Pappay
traEbental#S 15 Krumme Eiche
Lower Austria (182m) by Pappay
traEbental#S 16 Eiche 2 und 1/2
Lower Austria (194m) by Pappay
traFischleiter KW Oedt
Styria (284m) by BigSpender65
traZeit zum Wandern - Neue Alplhütte
Tyrol (1506m) by sdh2009
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This site provides statistics and information for the Austrian geocacher community. It only contains data of geocaches located within Austria based on the country that is specified on a caches' detail page.
For general information regarding Geocaching please refer to this Wikipedia page, the Austrian Geocaching portal or our link section.
All statistics and other features on this site are based on cachedescriptions and online logs that are available at the Geocaching.com website. Additional data from Navicache.com and Opencaching.de is used for the cachemap feature.
While most content is updated multiple times a day it can take up to 14 days for caches/logs to appear.

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